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Cancel Your Plans, A Massive Guinea Pig Festival Is Happening In Toronto Tomorrow

The "Pignic" is free to attend!

Okay, we've officially never been more excited for anything. This Saturday, September 15th, PetSmart is hosting a massive festival in Toronto - and its all about guinea pigs. You know, those chubby, furry little things that are bigger than hamsters but smaller than micro pigs? But, equally as adorable, obvs.

The event is called the Guinea Pig "Pignic" or "Wheekstock" (brb, dying from cuteness!) The "Pignic" is free to attend, and you can expect to see - and possibly cuddle with - over 150 guinea pigs, including some of the most exotic breeds out there.

Highlights of this year's "Pignic" include a guinea pig pageant (yes, an actual beauty pageant), a selfie station, a guinea pig red carpet, tons of merch, all kinds of vendors, and a luxurious-sounding cooling station for the furry creatures.

This is the second major PetSmart animal initiative of this coming weekend. Tomorrow and Sunday, the pet store is hosting massive adoption events at PetSmart locations across Canada!

The "Pignic" is actually a fundraiser, the only one of its kind in Canada. "Everyone from breeders, rescues as well as pet parents and their piggies, come together to offer each other an abundance of information, knowledge and support towards the care and welfare of guinea pig," the event page reads.

The "Pignic" is being held this Saturday at Greenwood Park, near Greenwood Avenue north of Dundas Street East. The event begins at 11:00 AM and ends at 4:00 PM.

If you have a guinea pig or had one as a kid - or, if you just adore them in general - missing this Saturday's "Pignic" is out of the question. You gotta be there!

To find out more about the event, check out their official website!

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The 'Toronto Pignic' is an Outdoor Event for Guinea Pig Owners and Enthusiasts

Pet Rescue Picnics

                          By: Katherine Pendrill - Sep 2, 2016 
                          References: facebook & torontopignic

On Saturday, September 3rd, the 'Toronto Pignic' will bring together guinea pig owners and enthusiasts from across the city to raise funds for the Toronto Humane Society and the Piggles Guinea Pig Rescue.

Toronto Pignic is set to take place in Greenwood Park from 10AM to 3PM. During this time, guinea pig owners and other animal-lovers are encouraged to come and participate in different guinea pig-themed events. These events will include communal guinea pig pens, piggy paparazzi, a small market place, contests and more. The event is completely free to attend and people of all ages are encouraged to come and support the cause.

With the growing popularity of dog and cat-centric events, this picnic gives guinea pig owners a unique opportunity to come together.

The First Annual Toronto Pignic was a HUGE hit! As in, 176 guinea pigs (!) and over $1,000 raised for the Toronto Humane Society and Piggles Rescue! Read the CityPigs blog post and browse all the cute photos on the Facebook page. And make sure to visit the website for updates and information on future plans. Congratulations Olivia and all the volunteers on your amazing first Pignic!

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Toronto Pignic
Guinea Pig lovers, rejoice! There’s a huge Guinea Pig event happening at Greenwood Park over the weekend, complete with a market, a piggy pageant, communal guinea pig pens (make sure you remember which is yours) and more. All proceeds go to the Toronto Humane Society and Piggles Guinea Pig Rescue. Sat, Sept 3 from 10am to 3pm.

Posted on Sep 12, 2016

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Believe the hype, because I almost didn't! Never in my wildest dreams would I have predicted the outcome of the first inaugural Toronto Pignic. With an expected 40-70 attendees initially, then a last minute bump up to 50-120 to play it safe, upon learning that 467 attendees were documented, I was shocked to say the least. Who would have guessed these fascinating little fuzz balls we call Guinea Pigs, would grow to be so popular? Across the board, from Rescues to Breeders, Pet Owners to enthusiasts from Brampton to Black Creek, Downtown to Mississauga- floods of people made the journey to Leslieville, marking Saturday 3rd September, a significant day in Guinea Pig history.
Greenwood Park was the location for this unique event, hosting approx. 167 Guinea Pigs, 2 rabbits and 1 hamster, and 2 dogs (One that thought he was a Guinea Pig and one that got mistaken for one) and for many people, this was heaven. Piggy Pageants, Door Prize Draws, Gift Bags, Bean Ball Throw Contests, a Wealth of Information, Health Checks, Nail Trims, and Boar Cleans, even a Mini Red Carpet with Media Board for the piggy’s to pose! - These are just some of the things that kept piggies and people occupied, whilst raising much needed funds for the Toronto Humane Society and Piggles Rescue. Pierce Grey from CityPigs brought along with him Poquito- the famous Lunkarya Guinea Pig, whilst Caroline Lane from Piggles had a strong presence alongside The Guinea Pig Store. We raised $1209 by the end of the day, and 100% of these proceeds were distributed to the aforementioned organizations 70/30. 
Pre event Q107, Boom 97.3 and 840 News Radio caught the buzz, and spoke briefly about the Pignic, whilst CityTV News came down to see for themselves, and before leaving they squeezed in a brief interview with Event Organiser- Olivia Pudney, and managed to get some close-ups of the furry little things themselves. 
A huge contribution to the day’s success was not only from the enthusiastic patrons, but also from the super dedicated volunteer team, and of course the impressive Product Donations generously given by bigwig Supporters VitaKraft SunSeed, Oxbow Animal Health, and Coastal Pet Products. All of the above deserving, a huge honorary mention.
For highlights and Information, or to be kept in the loop about the next Toronto Pignic (Yes there will be another, and yes, planning is already under way!) visit or visit