On The Day...

On the day there will be 2 main 'Community Pens' both Male and Female- These Pens will definitely have shade, also have access to hay, water bottles, hide huts, and veggies (although if you can, bring your own, every bit helps!) The Male and Female pens will also be quite separated, to minimise scent of the other sex etc There will also be 'Time Out' pens for those piggies that aren't getting along well with others and/or they don't have their own individual pen. Each pig upon admission needs to be registered. That will involve a brief health check and a sex confirmation, and the piggie owner to read through the 'Rules and Etiquette' and then sign- It sounds like a lot but this will ensure all piggies that interact with other piggies remain healthy and safe, with no unwanted pregnancies! Now these 'Community Pens' are totally optional, you might decide to bring a pen set up (C&C Panels) for yourself (which i recommend if you have some or something similar) and your piggie while you 'picnic' and check out the scene before adding your piggie with the others, if you decide to at all. But we do ask you register your pig regardless of it's social involvement in the community pen or not as there may be interactions during competitions and/or last minute decisions etc! There will also be some volunteers on part of the Pignic Squad (similar to the Piggy Patrol of the Boston Pignics) they will be identifiable via WHITE PIGNIC SQUAD t-shirts and will be available if anyone needs help, or has a question, and they will also be keeping a close eye on the pens to make sure all the little ones are happy and safe. 

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