Is there a maximum number of Piggies allowed to attend? Please advise the registration fee.


Thank you for your inquiry- In regards to how many piggy's can you bring, ultimately it is entirely up to you. All we ask is that whether you bring 1, 2, or 20 each pig must get registered upon arriving. You will see the Registration canopy, basically all it involves is a brief Health Check of your piggy, just to make sure there is nothing significant that could be passed on to another piggy. For example lice, respiratory infection, mange etc Then your pig will have his or her sex confirmed- this ensures every piggy is ready to socialise. You will then fill out an ultra brief form just stating you have read the Rules & Etiquette, and both checks have been completed. 

You will receive your Gift Bag of goodies, and an entry into the Draw held towards the end of the day- There will be multiple prizes connected to that draw! Last but not least you'll receive your paper wrist pass, which states all of the above have been finalised

There is no admittance or registration fee- The Pignic is a free event! There is an opportunity to make an optional coin donation, however that is totally up to you.

After saying all of that, the most  important aspect is that all piggy's in attendance on the day are content, healthy, happy and social. To achieve that, piggy's should be attended to at all times and never left alone in the community area. However many you would like to bring, just make sure you are able to watch over them at all times, or better yet if you bring say more than 5, bring a friend or family member with you to lesson the load. 

I hope this helped in answering your question, if you have any more queries or questions please don't hesitate to ask!


Will there be shade, and what if it rains?



There will be plenty of available shade that will be partially covering the pens, there will also be plenty of hide huts etc. However over where the 'picnic' area is, there is not really much shade except on the hill which is somewhat behind all the action. There is a shelter which provides shade, however it is not on the grass. If you do have a shade umbrella, and you would like to picnic on the grass, i definitely suggest you bring it! However if you don't there are other shade options available (Ie shelter & hill) and we plan to continue to broaden those options as much as possible before the Pignic!
If it rains......I would cry! However if worse comes to worse we will have back up canopies that will be put in place just in time for the Pignic, things would be set up quite differently, there would definitely be allot less dry space, however it would still be worth the trip- we would make sure of that! The piggies would still be able to enjoy the out doors we would have them under cover. The activities may need to be condensed, however we will try our best not to compromise on any of them. We would do our best to provide Ponchos, and would suggest you bring an umbrella or rain coat for obvious reasons!. Just think.... If it did rain, yes it would be terrible, however presuming that not 'as many' people would turn up, for the people that do, they would be walking away with so many more prizes!!! So I guess that would be the silver lining to that scenario!
Hello, We have 10 guinea pigs, but we live 2 hrs north of Toronto, mostly have males who don't get along with other males and/or are bonded with 1 other and we're not comfortable bringing our gp's to a day long event outside. Can we still come without a gp and if so can we still enter in for prizes?


Apologies for this late reply- In response to your question- Absolutely.

Upon arriving, we encourage all attendees to come past registration (especially if you have brought guinea pigs- due to health check & sex confirmation) If you come without guinea pigs  you you can still 'register' by filling out a brief form, you will then be given your entry into the Door Prize Draw (Multiple prizes drawn towards the end of the day) you will also receive your Gift Bag- If you let whoever gives you your Gift Bag know that you have Guinea Pigs at home- he or she will give you the 'Guinea Pig Gift Bag' which will have treats for your GPs to enjoy.


SO after 'Registering' you guys can picnic, browse the Mini Market, watch the shenanigan's of the Piggy Pigasso, or the Piggy Pageants or the Piggy Paparazzi. You can enter the Guessing Game Contest, where you need to guess (or be the closest one) how many sweets/snacks are in the jar- if you win, you take home the jar. Also there will be a Bean Ball Throw contest where you attempt to toss the Bean Ball into the hole. $2 dollars give you 3 trys, if you are not successful after your 3rd round ($6 spent w/9 attempts) you will still walk away with a prize-


You also will have the option of submitting a bid at the Piggy Pigasso Silent Auction, All monies raised from the activities previously mentioned will be donated to the Toronto Humane Society  

at 70% and Piggles Rescue at 30% In addition Pierce Grey from CityPigs will be showcasing his Lunkarya Guinea Pig Poquito and also sharing some invaluable tips on long haired Guinea Pigs and their maintenance requirements.


The remaining contests/activities that do require a Guinea Pig are the Pageants, and the Pigasso. and the Paparazzi- all of which have non value prizes eg. Award or certificate, personalised photograph, and a chance to contribute artistically! So in saying that I hope there is something for everyone, guinea pig or no guinea pig!


I hope this answer has been informative, any other questions or queries please don't hesitate to ask- Thank you for your inquiry-



Hello, I have three pigs coming to the pignic. How will you ensure that pigs don't get mistaken for another, or go home with the wrong owner?


Firstly I just want to thank you for your submission of your 3 piggy's to the Showcasing Gallery- they are very cute! Secondly, to answer your question-


Upon arriving at the Pignic with your Piggy's, we ask you go past Registration first and foremost to have your Piggy's registered. Registration will include a Health Check and Sex Confirmation, and a brief form to fill out. There will also be a copy of the Rules and Etiquette so if you haven't already you will have a chance to read through those and then sign the form. It is then you will also receive your Gift Bag, and entry into the Door Prize Draws and a little wrist band saying you have done all the above! This ensure every piggy parent is on the same page in regards to general etiquette when Piggy's are amongst other Piggy's, socialising in the communal pens. Its very important for every piggy owner to know, they must not pick up another persons piggy unless they have permission from the other Piggy's owner. It is also important that when your Piggy's are in the pens, that you don't walk of and leave them you have (or someone representing you) has an eye on them at all times. 


Because of the unique environment, the Piggy's must be treated as if they were toddlers. Keeping eyes on your Piggy's at all times, should prevent any fights breaking out, ensures that all Piggy's have free access to water and food, and shade. Most importantly with piggy owners being attentive and mindful, accidentally swaps or mistakes should be almost impossible. The Male and Female pens  will be in an area surrounded by a 2.5' high gated picket fence. This area will also have Piggy Squad Volunteers within it, to assist with anything or anyone that may need assistance. They will also be there to answer any questions, and to ensure all Piggy's are looked after and attended too! Now bearing all this in mind- the 'Communal pens" are entirely 'Optional' - If you get the Pignic and decide the pens are not for you we encourage you to bring you piggy in his or her carrier, and if you have one a little pen (perhaps 2X3 C&C panels, or the carriers depending on size) So your Piggy can stay in there and Picnic right up beside you instead! It is always best to cover all bases just in case!


If on the rare chance that there is confusion of a Piggy's identity, we can refer back to the registration form where a brief description of each piggy will be outlined, and between the Piggy Paparazzi and Showcasing Gallery and social media, i hope that the correct identity will be clarified, if it ever got to that point!


Can I attend if I'm just a spectator? Do I need to be a Giunea Pig owner?


Thanks for your inquiry- Absolutely you can come as a spectator! If you swing past registration on your way in you can pick up an entry into the Door Prize Drawers, collect your free Gift Bag and join in on the fun- there are a few activities that don't require Guinea Pigs, and many you can be a spectator for, as well- Come down and bring a picnic lunch, it is free entry, and should be loads of fun!