This year covering the Community Pens there will be two 15'x9' Canopies- One for the Males and one for the Females, providing shade or shelter depending on what the weather brings! In addition there will be 10'x30' Canopy covering the Pageant tables, providing shade and shelter for our pageant contestants. Many of the vendors and rescues will be under a canopy, including the Registration area and the Health Check/Nail Trim stations. If your piggie needs to cool off a little, there will be a Cooling Station as well. This will be a mini Pen set up with two non- toxic cooling mats, a low shaded umbrella, towel covered frozen water bottles, and a mini fan:) This Pen will also be divided for both Males and Females. With hope the weather will be kind, however regardless your piggies comfort and health ALWAYS come first, as a piggie owner you know your pet better than anybody- So bring you piggie if you feel you can provide them with the necessities that they will need, and always keep your eye on them! 

What about the heat?